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Child development is an integral part to our society. Those who work in Child Development often give parents the opportunity to work or attend school without the worries of who will be watching their children. Not only do these workers impact the parents’ lives, but these Child Development workers are also key to the lives of young children. Child development workers teach and guide our young children.

At Enterprise State Community College, the Child Development program is designed to prepare students for employment in a variety of childcare facilities. For those who are already working with young children, ESCC’s Child Development program provides an opportunity for them to upgrade their skills and competencies. ESCC offers students a variety of options for them to choose from. Students can choose from any of three short-term certificates, a long-term certificate, or even an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Child Development



Young children have the unique ability to unintentionally be irritating. You must have the patience to deal with them without becoming upset.


Young children are active, and they run everywhere. You must have the energy to run after them and keep them occupied for the entire day.


You will be interacting with parents and guardians, children, and colleagues. You must be able to interact with each individual easily.


You must be able to break down material and teach it in such a way that young children will understand and grasp what you are teaching.


As you will be the individual in charge, you must be able to make good decisions. If you are in an emergency situation or other difficult situation, you must be able to decide what to do easily and quickly without asking someone what to do.


You must be able to communicate with parents, children, and colleagues easily.

What jobs
can I get?

Child development majors are often employed in childcare facilities. These facilities include private preschool programs and Head Start or Early Head Start Programs. If the private sector is not for you, then perhaps the public sector is more your speed. Child Development majors are often employed as teachers in state pre-kindergarten or preschool programs and as aides in public school programs.

What type of work
do the jobs consist of?

On a day-to-day basis, a Child Development worker does several things. You may be teaching young children basic skills such as numbers, colors, or how to use the bathroom. You may have to establish and enforce rules, chaperone field trips, prepare and maintain records, and attend meetings, conferences or workshops. While juggling these many responsibilities, a Child Development worker must expect for another duty to be added to their list without notice.

What’s the career
growth potential?

In the Child Development field, highly experienced workers may earn as much as $42,898 each year. The field is a great launch to other education programs, such as an elementary, middle or high school teacher.

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