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Dear Students:
The Dean of Students Office is here for you! We are so excited that you chose to join the ESCC family, and we are ready to assist you in any way that we can as you strive towards your goal of graduation.

During your time here at Enterprise State, please call on my office to assist you as you navigate your college journey. The Dean of Students Office is committed to promoting and establishing an environment that is conducive to the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being of students. Should you encounter a hurdle or just need to be pointed in the right direction, each of us in the Student Services Division stands ready to lend a helping hand. We are always just a call, click, or visit away.

Please feel free to call on me and my staff should you ever need us. Lastly, welcome to Enterprise State Community College! Go Weevils!

Kassie Mathis
Dean of Students

Kassie Mathis
Dean of Students

Micaela Knight
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students
334-347-2623 ext. 2235

The Office of the Dean of Students serves a central role in student learning and development at Enterprise State.

Student Life

A complete listing of our Student Clubs/Organizations and all relevant information can be found here.

Students who wish to organize a new or existing Student Club/Organization must first complete an application. An application must be approved by the Dean of Students and President. Upon approval, the Student Club/Organization will be entitled to meet, hold events and activities, participate in College-sponsored events, and otherwise operate as an official entity of ESCC.

In order to be a Club/Organization,
The primary advisor must be an employee of ESCC.
There must be at least ten (10) current ESCC students, including club officers, listed on the organization roster with student identification numbers.

After submitting an application, the listed advisor will be contacted to verify sponsorship and for additional information.

Interested in joining a Club/Organization?
Complete this form and the club sponsor will contact you.

Care Referrals

If you are concerned about a fellow student or a student in your class, please complete the Crisis Intervention Form. You can also complete this form if you’d like to receive assistance or a care check for yourself.

Academic Complaints

All of our academic policies can be found in the College Catalog and Student Handbook.

Please follow the process below for any academic complaints or concerns.

  1. Communicate directly with your instructor.
  2. If a resolution is not reached through Step 1, communicate with the appropriate division chair.
  3. If a resolution is not reached through Steps 1 and 2, communicate with the Dean of Instruction at 334-347-2623 ext. 2241.

Division Chairs

English, Communications, & Foreign Languages

Dr. Anna Head


Ed Howard

Social Sciences

Cynthia Covington


Dr. Tyler Simmons

Business & Computer Sciences

Jennifer Nelson

Fine Arts

Dr. Ken Thomas

Non-Academic Complaints

If you have a complaint, please follow the process below. Depending on the nature of your complaint, the complaint may be forwarded to a different department if it does not fall under the purview of the Dean of Students.

If you have been notified of a complaint filed against you and you would like to dispute the allegations, complete the Official Defense Form.

Official Defense Form

If you would like to appeal a disciplinary decision, please complete the Official Appeal Form.

Official Appeal Form

If you are called as a witness to an event or incident on campus, please complete the Official Witness Statement Form.

Official Witness Statement

If you are under investigation and have disciplinary charges pending against you by ESCC or the Deans, please complete the Official Plea and Jurisdiction Form.

Official Plea & Jurisdiction Form

Sexual Harrassment/Sexual Violence – Title IX Policy

If you have a Title IX complaint, please visit www.escc.edu/title-ix.

Expressive Activities Policy

If you would like to reserve usage of the Open Air Forum, please complete the application. You will need to read our Speech and Demonstration Policy prior to submitting your Open Air Forum Application.

Expressive Activities Policy

Speech and Demonstration Policy

Open Air Forum Application

Diversity Awareness

DOS Take on Diversity:
Every individual is different. At ESCC, we respect the diversity that each student, faculty and staff member brings to the campus. While at ESCC, we ask you to do the same.

Enterprise State Community College

Your College, Your Future

Enterprise State Community College offers excellent academic, technical, and workforce training programs in order to prepare students for jobs that are in demand! Our faculty and staff are committed to the educational success of all ESCC students!