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Dual Enrollment

Enterprise State Community College’s dual enrollment program is one of the best bargains in higher education, providing students a head start on college, allowing them to save time and money.

The dual enrollment program allows high school students to take college classes and earn both high school and college credit. By taking dual enrollment courses, students can finish many core academic courses while still in high school or begin work on college-level career technical courses.

Because dual enrollment courses are offered through community colleges, they’re significantly less expensive than the same courses offered by four-year universities. Even if you don’t plan on attending a community college after graduation, taking dual enrollment courses is worth your while because of the cost savings and the opportunity to complete these classes early.

Some dual enrollment courses may even be free of charge to students. Workforce development grants from the state fund the cost of tuition in many career technical education courses and academic courses required for the completion of a career technical credential.

ESCC’s dual enrollment courses are offered at the ESCC campus and some courses are also provided at participating high schools. Students who wish to take dual enrollment courses must be in grades 10-12, have a cumulative unweighted GPA of at least 2.5 and have the written approval of their school. Students may also need to take a placement test.

Taking dual enrollment courses can greatly improve students’ chance of success in college. Research shows that dual enrollment students are more likely to enroll in college after high school, earn higher first-semester GPAs and complete their degrees than non-dual enrollment students.

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