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Kristy Mayo Identifies ESCC Staff a Source of Support for Success

Kristy Mayo Identifies ESCC Staff a Source of Support for Success

ENTERPRISE – The mission of Enterprise State Community College’s Student Support Services program is to effectively serve participants through valuable opportunities which promote academic, cultural and economic success.

Kristy Mayo, an ESCC non-traditional student who is expected to graduate this spring with an Associate of Arts degree in Elementary Education, is a primary example of how a college’s success is based on more than just its academics.

“You’ve got to have support, and I have that here,” said Mayo, who plans to transfer to Troy University in Fall 2017 to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

“I was off and on trying to go to school at other places until I came here and realized I had a support system. I have tutors like (fellow student) Macy McIntosh in SSS and I have instructors that are willing to take time to ensure I’m getting the best assistance that I can.”

Mayo is an Enterprise native who desired to go to college after high school but did not pass the graduation exam. After attempting GED courses in other programs and operating a home-based business alongside a retail job, Mayo said she decided to give GED courses at ESCC a chance in 2009 at the age of 23.

The decision proved a positive one for Mayo, who took her time to study and work over the next few years in order to obtain her GED in the fall of 2013. She enrolled at the college in the Associate degree program the following fall semester.

“I had people along the way who encouraged me and told me I could do it – that I could be that elementary school teach that I’ve always wanted to be since helping my aunt, who was a teacher, prepare her classroom every summer,” Mayo said.

Mayo said she wakes up every morning knowing she has a purpose and that the core skills she has gained in courses at the college will soon be a part of what she brings to an elementary classroom in her future career.

Her advice to other students, as well as prospective students, is to be patient with themselves but to aim to keep a goal in mind.

“I felt like going back to school at an older age wasn’t for me, but I took that step and am ending up right where I want to be. The hardest part is finding the right classes to take but an adviser can help you,” she said.

“The easiest part is studying and listening.”

SSS is a grant-funded, Department of Education TRIO program which provides academic assistance, career counseling, tutoring, and cultural activities to students who qualify for services.

Enterprise State Community College is a comprehensive community college which serves more than 2,800 students annually between its Enterprise campus and the Alabama Aviation Centers in Albertville, Andalusia, Mobile and Ozark. Each campus currently fulfills the Alabama Community College System’s mission for education and training which leads to high-wage, high-demand jobs in integral careers worldwide. Students can obtain Associate’s degrees and certificates through multiple programs at the college.

ESCC Names All-Alabama Academic Students

ESCC Names All-Alabama Academic Students

ENTERPRISE – Every year, faculty and staff of Enterprise State Community College nominate two students to serve on the All-Alabama Academic Team. The criteria for selection is to choose students who “excel academically; demonstrate intellectual rigor in their course of study; show academic growth and potential; and use their two-year college education to better themselves, their college and their communities.” All nominees are presented to the national Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for final selection.

This year’s ESCC All-Alabama Academic students were Macy Anne McIntosh and Matthew Skinner.

Macy Anne McIntosh is native of Jack, AL and a 2015 graduate of Zion Chapel High School. Maci has earned a 3.96 GPA at Enterprise State while serving as a tutor, Phi Theta Kappa, W.O.W team member, and volunteer for Relay for Life. After graduating from ESCC she plans to transfer to Troy University where she plans to study Elementary Education.

Matthew Skinner is a native of Hartford, AL and a 2015 graduate of Geneva County High School.  Mathew currently boasts a 4.0 GPA at Enterprise State while serving as a W.O.W team member, SGA, Phi Theta Kappa, and Scholars Bowl. After graduating from ESCC, Matthew plans to transfer to Auburn University and major in Electrical Engineering. His goal is to become an engineer with Alabama Power.

On Thursday, April 13th both students traveled to Hoover, AL where they will met with other nominees and receive a night’s stay at the Renaissance Ross Bridge Hotel and Spa. On Friday April 14th, a special luncheon was held in their honor where they were recognized by the Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System, Mr. Jimmy Baker.  Each of them will also receive a $1,000 academic scholarship from the All-Alabama Academic Team Foundation.

Maci and Mathew were also recognized for their accomplishment during the Enterprise State Community College’s 44th Annual Honors Day program on April 11, 2017.

For more information about ESCC or apply for admission call 1-334-347-2623 or visit  Now is the time to enroll for both summer and fall semesters.

ESCC Foundation’s first Dancing for Scholarships Event

ESCC Foundation’s first Dancing for Scholarships Event

ENTERPRISE – Six area STARS will “dance the night away” in support of students at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 23, during the first Enterprise STARS Dancing for Scholarships event presented by the Enterprise State Community College Foundation at the Enterprise Civic Center.

Among the lineup is Michael Harrison, Director of Student Support Services at ESCC. He and his professional dance partner for the night, retired ESCC educator Sue Baum, will grace the stage with an exciting collaboration of entertaining dance moves as they compete for multiple titles while also raising money for ESCC Foundation scholarships.

“To have the chance to support opportunities for students in such a fun way is a really neat, and meaningful, concept,” said Harrison. “I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with several individuals from the local community who want ESCC’s tradition of community support to shine bright and creatively.”

Enterprise STARS Dancing for Scholarships is loosely modeled after ABC’s hit television series “Dancing with the Stars,” which features celebrity contestants who are paired with professional dancers to perform compilations that could win cash and the series’ coveted mirror ball trophy.

Titles in which local STARS will compete include Judge’s Favorite and the People’s Choice Award. Other contestants for the night include Troy Bradley, executive customer representative at Merck; Elizabeth Whitton, a first-grade teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School; Gwen Gilley, owner of Coldwell Banker; Meredith Hamilton; general manager at Mitchell Mazda Lincoln; and Addison Paul, owner of Yancey Parker’s.

Tickets to Enterprise STARS Dancing for Scholarships are $25 each and are available now at the ESCC business office. To make a separate donation in support of one of the STARS, contact Chellye Stump at 334-347-2623 ext. 2279 or

The ESCC Foundation is a separately incorporated 501(c)(3) organization from ESCC which was organized more than 30 years ago for stimulating voluntary private support to benefit the college. The Foundation’s efforts include soliciting cash, securities, real and intellectual property and other private resources to support ESCC, and acknowledging and stewarding gifts in accordance with donor intent and its fiduciary responsibilities.

Enterprise State Community College is a comprehensive community college which serves more than 2,800 students annually between its Enterprise campus and the Alabama Aviation Centers in Albertville, Andalusia, Mobile and Ozark. Each campus currently fulfills the Alabama Community College System’s mission for education and training which leads to high-wage, high-demand jobs in integral careers worldwide. Students can obtain Associate’s degrees and certificates through multiple programs at the college.

ESCC Cerebral Weevils Place Fourth in the Nation at Academic Quiz Bowl

ESCC Cerebral Weevils Place Fourth in the Nation at Academic Quiz Bowl

The Enterprise State Cerebral Weevils traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the NAQT Community College Championship Tournament – the national tournament for all two-year colleges from around the country.  The Weevils placed second in the sectional tournament in Birmingham in January 2017 to qualify for the event.  After a grueling two days of competition, the Weevils placed fourth in the nation with a record of 8-4.  This fourth-place finish earned the Cerebral Weevils an invitation to the ICT, a four-year college championship which will be held in Chicago, IL April 7-8, 2017.  In addition to the team’s overall finish, Mike Johnson, a member of the Cerebral Weevils, finished second in overall individual scoring in the event. He says this on the subject: “I didn’t expect too much coming in, but in this tournament, and in those past, I’ve managed to go and beat dozens of competitors with the help of my team. I’m impressed at our performances and I hope we can continue our success in the future.”

The team is excited for the opportunity of further competition and is diligently practicing facing teams such as Vanderbilt, Harvard, Columbia, NYC, Chicago, Duke, and others.

NAQT competition is an academic quiz bowl.  It showcases knowledge in the sciences, math, the arts, literature, current events, geography, history, and a host of other topics.  Students who participate must be able to quickly cycle through their entire breadth of knowledge to find answers to the questions before they are “buzzed out” by the other team.  This finish highlights the academic excellence that Enterprise State is known for.

The travel team for this national competition consisted of Matthew Skinner (captain), Jonathan Page, Shannon Lynch, Penny Steagall, Mike Johnson, and Chris Carter.  Other members of the Cerebral Weevils 2016-7 team are Zac Yohn and Ishmael James.  The sponsor is Kathy Pattie.

For more information please contact Kathy Pattie at 334-347-2623 x2249 or

Cutline: Back Row from left to Right: Dr. Vicky Ohlson (Interim President of ESCC), Jonathan Page, Chris Carter, Zac Yohn, Ishmael James

Front Row from left to Right: Penny Steagall, Mike Johnson, Mathew Skinner, Shannon Lynch, Kathy Pattie (English Instructor)

ESCC’s Alabama Aviation Center at Ozark Receives Multiple Aircraft from Army

ESCC’s Alabama Aviation Center at Ozark Receives Multiple Aircraft from Army

There was a lot of excitement “in the air” at the Ozark campus of Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) last Friday [February 24th] when the College received three modern aircraft from the U.S. Army for use in maintenance training at the Alabama Aviation Center (AAC). Three Beechcraft C-12 “King Air” twin-engine turboprop aircraft were flown into Blackwell Field just behind the Alabama Aviation Center training complex in Ozark, Alabama earlyFriday afternoon by military pilots based at Fort Rucker.  C-12 variants are used by the United States Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps for various duties, including embassy support, medical evacuation, and passenger and light cargo transport.  This acquisition will enable the AAC faculty to train students to maintain and repair modern turbine engines and other more complex aircraft systems that were not previously available on-site. The complex aircraft systems include: cabin pressurization, on-board fire detection and protection, weather radar, satellite navigation, HVAC, and anti-icing/de-icing.

As a non-profit state educational agency, ESCC could acquire the three planes at a fraction of their current fair market value from the U.S. Government’s General Services Administration (GSA) Property Management Division in Las Vegas, Nevada. ESCC paid an acquisition fee of only 1/2 of 1% of the original combined military purchase price of $2.4 million, or $12,000 total for all 3 planes.  Each aircraft has a current fair market value of approximately $184,000, which makes the cost of $4,000 per plane a real bargain for the College, says ESCC Interim President Dr. Vicky Ohlson. According to Dr. Ohlson, had it not been for the GSA’s Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program, obtaining this type of aircraft in flyable condition would not have been possible since it would not have been financially affordable.

The quest for the aircraft was initiated by Geoff Whittington, the son of one of the volunteer pilots who flew in one of the aircraft.  Geoff is a graduate of the AAC and is one of its success stories.  He finished the program in May 2016 and already works for Army Flight Services as an AH64 flight mechanic in the maintenance test flight section.  Prior to that he worked on the TH67 after moving to a mechanic position with AFS.   He was first hired by AFS in logistics which was his specialty for 8 years at Bell Helicopter in Ozark.


The College’s acquisition of the aircraft was a minor miracle, the result of the determined work of a team of individuals from multiple local, state, and federal agencies across the country.  The three C-12’s were flown from the Army’s fixed-wing training operation site in Dothan, Alabama to the AAC in Ozark by volunteer military pilots, DAC Geoffrey Whittington, DAC Chris Simeone, CW5 David Keshel, and CW5 Pedro Gutierrez.  The physical transfer was coordinated by John Meyers of the US Army Fixed Wing Project Office in Huntsville, Alabama.  Shane Bailey and Deborah Johnson of the Alabama Surplus Property Division of ADECA in Montgomery facilitated the property ownership transfer, and Lisa Schrad of the GSA’s Property Management Division in Las Vegas provided administrative oversight and support.  When a legal technicality threatened to derail the transfer, David O’Brien, an attorney with the System Office of the Alabama Community College System in Montgomery, stepped in and found a solution that involved helping the College purchase commercial liability insurance through a Birmingham-based company whose aviation specialist, located in Georgia, worked with an underwriter in California.

Once the aircraft landed at Blackwell Field, the pilots taxied them onto the College’s ramp.  One of the College’s aviation maintenance students, Zack Serdena, helped his instructor, Jerry Northway, and the AAC Director, Jay Harbert, push and pull the planes into one of the school’s hangars using an aircraft tug loaned by Friends of Army Aviation, a non-profit organization located nearby which is working on building a “flying museum”.  Mr. Northway said the work could not have been done without their help, as they also provided the forklift that helped reorganize the hangar to accommodate the three large C-12s.  Stephanie Blankenship, who manages the City of Ozark’s Airport Terminal at Blackwell Field, also helped by ferrying the pilots in the terminal’s golf cart.

ESCC would like to offer its heartfelt thanks to everyone who had a hand in making the acquisition of the aircraft for the Alabama Aviation Center possible.  Students who are interested in enrolling in the program should visit the College’s website at or call Jenna Judah, Aviation Program Recruiter, at 334-347-2623, extension 3630.  Financial aid is available for qualifying students.  Summer term starts May 22nd.


Back row left to right: Dept. of the Army Civilian Chris Simeone, Dept. of the Army Civilian Geoffrey Whittington, CW5 David Keshel, and CW5 Pedro Gutierrez

Front Row Left to Right: Jay Harbert, Aviation Division Director for Alabama Aviation Center a Unit of Enterprise State, and Dr. Vicky Ohlson, Interim President of Enterprise State Community College

Class of 1967 Celebrates 50th Reunion at ESCC Homecoming

Class of 1967 Celebrates 50th Reunion at ESCC Homecoming

Students of Enterprise State Community College’s first graduating class, the Class of 1967, relived some of their most memorable moments on the campus during a luncheon for their 50th Homecoming celebration on Monday, February 27, 2017. The luncheon was hosted by the College’s Interim President, Dr. Vicky Ohlson. In attendance were 12 graduates and five instructors from the inaugural class. Dr. Joseph Talmadge, who served as the Dean of the College from 1965 to 1981 and the President from 1981 to 1994, was the keynote speaker.

Dr. Talmadge regaled the crowd with stories of improbable success in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles during the College’s infancy. Dr. Talmadge credited the success of the College to the determination and creativity of the administration and faculty who could pull together and provide for the students using very limited resources. Dr. Kevin Ammons, Associate Dean of Students, followed Dr. Talmadge’s speech with a presentation on the birth and history of the college.

“It was incredible as an employee of the College and a former student to hear the stories of those first days. I think it’s a testament to the impact that a few competent, passionate people can have on a community and that legacy certainly lives on today at ESCC,” said Andrew Davis, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning.

George Landingham, a member of the Class of 1967, said, “My wife and I …had not been back on the campus since we graduated 50 years ago and our memories were refreshed of the great time we spent there. It was wonderful seeing some old classmates and former faculty. It made me remember that Enterprise State Junior College gave me all the foundation I needed to go on to Auburn University and from there to a successful career. The College truly changed the course of my life.”

Roy and Beverly Powell, graduates of the Class of 1967 who are now married and live in Samson, said, “It was enjoyable to be back on campus and to see our classmates and several of the professors who were there. The College opening when it did was unbelievably good for all of us who were graduating from high school at that time. A lot of us probably would not have been able to have gone to a four-year school because of the cost in it. It was just a blessing to all of us to have such a wonderful experience with the amazing faculty that Dr. Talmadge had assembled. It wasn’t about the facilities, even though it was great to get into the new buildings there, because we even had a good time when we were in downtown Enterprise. It was hard at Auburn to get used to all the big classes. You’d go into a class and there’d be 300 people in there and we were used to 20 to 30. But I didn’t have any more of a problem adjusting to life at Auburn than students who had spent their first two years at Auburn.”

Dr. Ohlson said that having the first graduating class back on campus after 50 years was a wonderful experience and reminded her of how great an impact the College has on the lives of its students, giving them the opportunity for a first-class college education close to home and at a fraction of the cost for the same courses at a state university.  She said that she is looking forward to having the Class of 1967 back on campus for this year’s graduation ceremony, where one of their own, Bill Carr, an extremely successful local entrepreneur and CEO of the 21st largest CPA firm in the nation (Carr, Riggs and Ingram) will deliver the commencement address. This year’s homecoming events serve as a model for future years to come, as the College intends to continually include additional classes from the past a part of the homecoming and graduation festivities each year. An alumni organization is also in the works.

Anyone who attended ESCC in the past and who is interested in becoming part of the ESCC alumni organization should contact Andrew Davis at the College or 334-347-2623, ext. 2309.


Back row left to right: Mr. Ronnie Donaldson, Dr. David Chalker, Dr. Joe Autrey, Mr. Donald Cope, Mr. George Landingham

Middle Row Left to Right: Mrs. Linda Frye, Mrs. Patsy Powell, Ms. Peggy Autrey, Mrs. Martha Thompson, Mr. Roy Powell, Mrs. Gloria Landingham

Front Row Left to Right: Dr. Joseph Talmadge, Mrs. Nancy Brunson, Mrs. Beverly Powell, Mrs. Charlotte Hatcher, Mr. Curtis Davis

Enterprise State Community College Phi Theta Kappa Tau Mu Chapter has been named a 2017 REACH Chapter

Enterprise State Community College Phi Theta Kappa Tau Mu Chapter has been named a 2017 REACH Chapter

ENTERPRISE – Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner, President and CEO of Phi Theta Kappa presented the REACH Reward to Enterprise State Community College Tau Mu chapter. “Last year, Phi Theta Kappa launched REACH Rewards, a program designed to recognize and reward Phi Theta Kappa chapters that excel in membership development. We did this because we believe strongly in the mission of Phi Theta Kappa and want as many students as possible to receive the benefits of membership—benefits including scholarships and increased opportunities for engagement with their peers and key faculty members on campus—which lead to higher rates of completion among our members. I am happy to announce that the Tau Mu Chapter has been named a 2017 REACH Chapter and will be receiving special recognition in the form of 8 Phi Theta Kappa graduation stoles that will be sent directly to the chapter’s advisor. These stoles can then be distributed to chapter officers or members to be worn during graduation and to keep as a celebration of the milestone of college completion, while also encouraging other students to do the same”, said Dr. Tincher-Ladner.

Phi Theta Kappa designed a rewards program for chapters focused on Recognizing Excellence in Acceptance and Completion with Honors. For short, Phi Theta Kappa called it REACH Rewards. The REACH Rewards program encourages membership by rewarding chapters who achieve or exceed 15 percent for their membership acceptance rate.

Kristi Peters, Math Instructor at ESCC and Phi Theta Kappa Tau Mu chapter’s advisor, had this to say about the REACH Reward, “It is an honor to be the advisor for our college’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter. PTK is the only honor society for community college students so being able to recognize these students who work exceptionally hard is exciting. When I became advisor, our chapter had been inactive so recruiting new members was very important. After seeing the life changing benefits Phi Theta Kappa membership can bring these students I knew I wanted every eligible student to also have this opportunity. To receive REACH rewards from our international headquarters in an honor and shows that we are helping to make a difference in our students lives by increasing our membership”.

CUTLINE: Front row left to right: Cheyanna Huston-McCrea – Enterprise, AL., Kristi Peters – Chapter Advisor, Katie Sullivan – Hartford, AL.

Back row: Shannon Lynch – Enterprise, AL., Hannah Eddins – Samson, AL., Caleb Newsom – Enterprise, AL., Macy McIntosh – Jack, AL., Matthew Skinner – Hartford, AL., Jacob McDougald – Enterprise, AL.

ESCC Paralegal Studies Approved by American Bar Association

ESCC Paralegal Studies Approved by American Bar Association

Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) is pleased to announce that the American Bar Association (ABA) has granted approval to the Paralegal Studies Program offered at ESCC. Paralegal education programs that are approved by the ABA have undergone a lengthy and intensive process required by the American Bar Association which evaluates the quality of the paralegal program and only accepts those that meet specific standards. To obtain approval by the ABA, a program of education must demonstrate that its program is consistent with sound educational content, policies, procedures, substantive and practical legal curriculum; and that it has met the high expectations set out in the official Guidelines of the Paralegal Standing Committee of the American Bar Association.

ESCC is proud that its Paralegal Studies Program has successfully met the high standards set by the American Bar Association. Schools that successfully complete the ABA approval process have shown a definite commitment to their program through research, assessments, completing the application process, planning and undergoing a site team evaluation, and the like. The ABA approval process typically takes a minimum of three years to complete. Under the direction of the Paralegal Program professor, Attorney Lydia Dillingham, ESCC began the application process in the 2013/2014 academic year and received the final stamp of approval from the ABA House of Delegates on February 6, 2017.

There are only six other colleges in the State of Alabama that have received ABA approval, many which are four year institutions; ESCC being only one of two community colleges which have received ABA approval in Alabama. Although having an ABA approved education is not necessary for employment in the legal field, many employers see completion of an ABA approved program as a plus, as do many paralegal professional associations when qualifying candidates for certification.

Individuals interested in enrolling in the Paralegal Studies Program at ESCC should contact Lydia C. Dillingham at or 334-347-3634 Extension 2207.

Enterprise State Community College Hosts Math Tournament

Enterprise State Community College Hosts Math Tournament

The Mathematics Department at Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) hosted a Mathematics Tournament at its Enterprise campus on Friday, February 3, 2017. The tournament welcomed 300 middle and high school students from 16 local schools.

Middle and high school students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Advanced Mathematics. Members from ESCC’s faculty and student organizations assisted in directing students to the correct testing rooms and monitoring the testing areas. Instructors from ESCC’s Science and Mathematics Department graded the tests and presented awards to the tournament winners. The tournament concluded with lunch that was provided by ESCC’S Recruitment Team and an awards ceremony.

Ms. Kristi Peters, a Mathematics Professor at ESCC, was excited to help host the Math Tournament: “As Math instructors, we know the importance of Mathematics. Hosting this local tournament gives our area ‘Math Stars’ a chance to shine.”

CUTLINE: From left to right – front row: Jason Bell (Division I – Algebra I – First place), Marina Ognibert (Division I – Algebra I – Second place), Charles Frey (Division I – Algebra I – Third place); Isabell Stafford (Division II – Algebra I – First place), Noah Dickens (Division II – Algebra I – Second place), Jackson Kelley (Division II – Algebra I – Third place); David Yang (Division I – Geometry – First place), Michael Byrd (Division I – Geometry – Second place), William Raley (Division I – Geometry – Third place);
From left to right – middle row: Timi Sobanjo (Division II – Geometry – First place), Emily Floyd (Division II – Geometry – Second place), Aleigh Lanier (Division II – Geometry – Third place); Jackson Norsworthy (Division I – Algebra II – First place), Tanner Chevrette (Division I – Algebra II – Second place), Bailey Eubanks (Division I – Algebra II – Third place); Josh Sanders (Division II – Algebra II – Third place), Sarah Putnam (Division II – Algebra II – Second place), Hagen Hall (Division II – Algebra II – First place);
From left to right – back row: Nikolas Stefanov (Division I – Advanced Math – Third place), Camp Shelor (Division I – Advanced Math – Second place), Serin Baek (Division I – Advanced Math – First place); Cody Hebert (Division II – Advanced Math – Third place), Preston Williams (Division II – Advanced Math – Second place), Scott Nguyen (Division II – Advanced Math – First place);

ESCC Hires New Softball Coach

ESCC Hires New Softball Coach

Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) has announced Traci Harrison as the new Head Softball Coach for the Boll Weevils. Ms. Harrison comes to ESCC with an extensive background in playing and coaching softball.  Her college playing career began at Gadsden State Community College where she earned All-Conference honors as a pitcher in 2002. After her two-year playing career at Gadsden, Harrison transferred to Milligan College. In 2004, Harrison was selected as a 2nd team All-American as a pitcher. Upon graduating from Milligan College, Harrison continued working in various softball coaching positions, including stops at Vernon High School, 2006-2009, an Assistant Softball Coach at Lincoln Trail College, 2009-2010, Head Coach of the Austrian Wanderers, of the Semi-Professional Softball Austria League, 2011, Head Coach at Crenshaw Christian Academy, 2012-2013, Assistant Softball Coach/Pitching Coach at the University of West Georgia, 2013-2015, and Assistant Softball Coach at Arnold High School in 2016.

Coach Harrison is ready to hit the ground running.  “I am so excited to start my career at ESCC. The past two weeks have been awesome. I have received good community feedback and the faculty and staff have been so supportive.”  While Harrison has only been the coach for two weeks, she has already laid out her vision.  “My main priority is a national championship. I have been working for only two weeks, but I have been recruiting, locally and nationally, looking for the top players. It may be a time of rebuilding, but I am looking forward to rebuilding the program with the best student athletes who will represent the College in the best way.”

Harrison was asked if she felt pressured taking over a program with only three weeks before the start of the season.  “No pressure, our team is excited and ready to play. The girls are buying in to the program and are excited about moving forward and playing this season.”

Dr. Kevin Ammons, Associate Dean of Students/Athletic Director is excited about Ms. Harrison taking over the softball program.  “I am pleased with the level of experience Coach Harrison brings to our softball program.  We are excited to have a coach who played at the two-year and four-year level and coached at multiple levels. We look forward to Coach Harrison doing great things for the softball program.”

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