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First-Year Experience programs are all about student success. John Gardner, one of the leading researchers on First-Year Experience, says that in order to achieve student success, institutions must "(1) develop a clear and broader definition of [success], (2) commit to a set of beliefs that create maximum opportunities, and (3) know and understand the variables that affect [success]. Only then can they develop policies, make decisions, and develop programs and services that allow [first-year students] the maximum opportunity to succeed."
Gardner defines first-year student success as making progress toward fulfilling their educational and personal goals: "(1) developing academic and intellectual competence; (2) establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships; (3) developing an identity; (4) deciding on a career and lifestyle; (5) maintaining personal health and wellness; and (6) developing an integrated philosophy of life...[t]his definition transcends the racial, ethnic, gender, and age diversity of [first-year students]; it describes their basic commonalities."
(taken from The Freshman Year Experience; Upcraft, Gardner, & Associates)
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