Enterprise, AL April 2012-Enterprise State Community College announces the retirement of Dr. Sue Baum, Information Technology Director. Dr. Baum has worked at ESCC for over thirty years in several capacities.

“I came here to take piano lessons,” laughs Baum. “The President at the time convinced me that I should take some IT courses because it was a new field and I already had my Bachelors in math. Little did I know that I would still be here thirty years later.”

Baum’s husband was in the military and after receiving her Associates with Computer Science as the focus, she was approached about applying for a full time job in the somewhat small IT department at the time. Baum became the IT division chair in 1989 and soon after became the Business division chair and was lovingly dubbed “Double Div.” Fast forward to 1997 and Baum applied and became the IT Director after a retirement respectively.

“Dr. Baum will be missed upon her retirement,” said ESCC President Dr. Nancy W. Chandler. “I have always admired Dr. Baum’s professionalism and resilience in difficult situations. I wish Dr. Baum all the best in her retirement.

When Baum first started in the department, the first networking of any kind was done, which linked the school to the internet and also the installation of the SAS lab.

At the time, faculty and staff did not have connectivity in their office and none of the computer labs were connected to the internet, either. It was not until 1999 that all of the buildings and most of the labs were connected.

“We were making a lot of progress, but growth stopped for a while during the preparation of Y2K,” remembers Baum. “That was a nightmare. It required a lot of programming; it was going to cause havoc if you did not do what was required, but doing what was required was difficult.”

Not long after, ESCC merged with the Alabama Aviation Center and soon after had to incorporate all of their records which also required a large amount of programming.

“I’ll miss the people for sure, especially those people that worked for me,” said Baum. “I have made a lot of good friendships, so hopefully I see them still outside of the school.”

Baum and her husband George, teach Ballroom Dancing through ESCC as well as in outside venues including at their church and local schools. The Baum’s will offer a Ballroom Dancing class in the Fall 2012 schedule. Dr. Baum’s last day at ESCC will be Friday, March 30, 2012.


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