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August 16, 2012 Enterprise, AL – Enterprise State Community College announces two new additions to the distance learning program:  mobile applications for Blackboard and Proctor U.


The Blackboard mobile applications are available for most Smartphones and may be downloaded. Students will have the ability to log-in to their online courses from any location and access them 24/7.

“In today’s mobile lifestyle, students’ needs have changed tremendously,” said Amy Wise, ESCC Distance Learning Specialist. “Adding the ability for students to log-in to their online courses no matter where they are from a mobile device is a necessity.”


Proctor U is a 24 hour exam proctoring service that is now available for distance learning students.

“This is great for students that may not be able to drive to campus or may have difficult work hours,” said Wise. “This is the first time we [ESCC] have offered Proctor U and it’s relatively new to higher education. So we’re excited to be on the forefront of modern technology.”

Students interested in using Proctor U need to schedule the exam and pay three days in advance, otherwise students are subject to an additional $5 late reservation fee. Students without an appointment can take their exam on demand within 15, 30, or 45 minutes using the premiere "Take It Now" feature.  Late registrations and "Take it Now" are subject to availability. The fee is $25 per exam and a webcam is required.

“ESCC continuously seeks to provide innovative methods to enhance instruction and services to our students,” said Dr. Wanda Flowers, Associate Dean of Distance Learning. “We [ESCC] are proud to provide these services to our students.”

Fall registration is now underway and classes begin Monday, August 20.  For more information visit or call (334) 347-2623.


ESCC Launches National Peer Mentor Program



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August 17, 2012 Enterprise, AL -  Enterprise State Community College (ESCC)is proud to announce the  launch of an exciting new program designed to aid in student learning.  Supplemental Instruction (SI), a nationally recognized program of peer mentoring, is used in every level of college and graduate school and was originally started in medical school to help students master difficult concepts. 

“The program is not to be mistaken with tutoring, which identifies weak students and helps to remediate their weaknesses,” said SI co-coordinator  Kathy Pattie. “Instead, Supplemental Instruction identifies difficult classes, often referred to as gateway classes that traditionally are more difficult for students to pass.  In this program, students in the class are offered a one-hour supplemental session for each class taught.  These sessions are led by students who have been identified as exceptional students in the class.”

Here is the way SI works.  Student SI leaders attend the course with the rest of the class. Then, they help their fellow students learn to relate concepts taught in the class, so they can understand the material, as well as helping them to build study skills that will transfer to their other courses.  Participation in the sessions is voluntary, with students being able to pick and choose the sessions they attend. 

 “I think it is a really good program that will be helpful to a lot of students,” said Gage Craig, one of the new SI leaders.  “I am excited not only about being a student leader, but about gaining help in my own Biology 103 class as a student.”

The one-hour sessions of SI are increased to two hours immediately before a major exam or project.  Petra Hokanson, a current ESCC student and SI leader, agrees that the opportunities available to her through SI will broaden her educational experience.   “I am excited about this opportunity to help fellow students through possible difficulties in their classes.  I see this as a learning opportunity for myself as well.”

SI will be offered fall semester 2012 in six classes – English 092, English 093, English 102, Biology 103, Math 112, and History 201 and 202.

ESCC Plans to expand the program next semester to include more classes, so more students can be reached.  Students interested in SI may find the classes in the catalog designated in the course titles with the letters SI. The program is funded by a Title III grant.  For more information, call (334) 347-2623.



Nationally, the results of Supplemental Instruction are extremely positive.  The program has been proven to aid in class retention, decreasing the number of withdrawals over the course of the semester.  It has also been shown to increase the final grade of the student participants by 5-10%.  Students who participate in Supplemental Instruction are also shown to have much higher graduation rates than those who do not attend these sessions. 



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