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  • Pell Grants

    The Federal Pell Grant program is the foundation upon which most financial aid packages are based. Annual award amounts vary according to enrollment status and the annual payment schedule provided by the U. S. Department of Education. Students who have been awarded Pell are authorized to charge tuition and fees against their Pell award during registration, and can charge books one week prior to the start of a new term. Credit balances are paid to students once each term, two weeks into the semester. Pell Grants are awarded only after all required documents are received, reviewed, and approved by ESCC Financial Aid staff.

    Pell Grant awards are paid each term according to the number of hours the student is enrolled in as of the end of the College's official drop and add period, as indicated below: 12 or more credit hours (full time) - 100% of full award 9 - 11 credit hours (three-quarter time) - 75% of full award 6 - 8 credit hours (one-half time) - 50% of full award

    Students who take fewer than six hours may not be eligible to receive Federal Pell Grant benefits.

    To apply for Pell and all other federal financial aid programs, completion of the FAFSA is required. The FAFSA must be completed online at To obtain additional information, call (334) 347-2623, extension 2214, or write to: Student Financial Aid, Enterprise-Ozark Community College, P. O. Box 1300, Enterprise, AL 36331-1300.



    This federal grant program is administered by ESCC and provides grants to students who demonstrate exceptional financial need. Awards are determined by Financial Aid staff, and usually range between $400 and $800 per year. FSEOG funds are limited, and are distributed to the neediest students based on a priority system using the student's expected family contribution (EFC). Students are paid once per term. There is not a special application for these funds; completion of the FAFSA is all that is required to apply for FSEOG.


    This federal work program provides jobs for qualified students who have financial need and who desire to earn part of their educational expenses. FWS awards vary widely, with students working up to 20 hours per week. Student workers are currently paid $7.49 per hour. Students are paid once per month, on the last working day of the month. Interested students may apply for FWS by indicating their interest on the back of the ESCC Student Data Form.


    Federal Direct loans are low-interest loans available to students and parents to help pay the cost of attending ESCC. These loans are authorized by the federal government. Students are urged to consider borrowing only as a last resort, and to borrow no more than is absolutely necessary. Students interested in borrowing a Direct Loan can download an application.

    Students who borrow from the Direct Loan program are required to complete Entrance Counseling before their loan will be processed. This requirement can be completed by visiting or by seeing a member of the ESCC Financial Aid staff.

    Students who have borrowed a Direct loan are required to complete Exit Counseling upon leaving ESCC. This requirement can be completed by visiting or by seeing a member of the ESCC Financial Aid staff.

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