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Supplemental Instruction Program
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  • Description of SI

    Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that was developed by Dr. Deanna Martin in 1973 at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). The program received its start in response to a drastic drop in student achievement after the university became a public institution. The implementation of SI at UMKC was successful, and the program was then implemented at other colleges across the U.S. and around the world. The first SI-supported courses were offered at ESCC in the Fall of 2012. Due to the success of our initial SI offerings, in the Fall of 2013, we will offer SI in fourteen courses that will be concentrated in science and math.

    Some Things You Need To Know About SI:

    • SI targets difficult classes. We have chosen to place SI sections in courses that have historically seen 30% of the students enrolled in them make a D, F, or WD.
    • Anyone enrolled in a class that has an SI section attached to it, can attend SI. All students can benefit from the skills that are learned in SI sessions.
    • SI sessions begin the second week of class. This will allow students to begin reviewing material and learning study strategies at the start of the course instead of trying to “cram” right before an exam.
    • SI Leaders are students who have taken the class before, have demonstrated mastery of the course material, are recommended by the course instructor, and have gone through two days of SI training.
    • SI Leaders attend the lectures for the class that they are assigned to in order to create a bond with the students in the class, and to also model the attributes of a “model student.”
    • SI Leaders hold two one-hour sessions and a one-hour office hour each week.
    • SI focuses on “what to learn” and “how to learn.” In other words, each session will spend time reviewing difficult concepts from the previous class, and learning study techniques to master those concepts. In a way, it’s tutoring that helps you to learn class material by giving you the tools that you need to be an independent learner.

  • SI-Supported Courses

    BIO 103 (Hybrid)- Principles of Biology I
    Catrett; T/Th; 7:30-8:45

    BIO 103- Principles of Biology I
    Catrett; T/Th; 9:00-10:15

    BIO 103- Principles of Biology I
    Snellgrove; T/Th; 9:00-10:15

    CHM111- College Chemistry I
    Lewis; T/Th; 9:00-10:15

    ENG 101- English Composition I
    Eason; M/W; 9:00-10:15

    ENG 102- English Composition II
    Showers; T/Th; 9:00-10:15

    HIS 101- Western Civilization I
    Covington; M/W; 9:00-10:15

    MTH 100- Intermediate College Algebra
    Akridge; M/W; 7:30-8:45

    MTH 100- Intermediate College Algebra
    Akridge; M/W; 10:45-12:00

    MTH 112- PreCalculus Algebra
    Fann; T/Th; 10:45-12:00

    MTH 112- PreCalculus Algebra
    Fann; T/Th; 1:45-3:00

    MTH 112- PreCalculus Algebra
    Lammon; M/W; 10:45-12:00

    PHS 111- Physical Science I
    Chambless; M/W; 7:30-8:45

  • Ashlee Sullivan (BIO 103)
    Sessions-Monday at 11:10, Thursday at 12:00; Office Hour Monday at 10:15

    Billy Joe McAllister (MTH 100)
    Sessions- Tuesday at 3:30, Thursday at 3:30; Office Hour- Monday at 1:00

    Brandon Hall (CHM 111)
    Sessions- Tuesday at 12:15, Wednesday at 12:15; Office Hour- Thursday at 10:45

    Kevin Jordan (PHS 111)
    Sessions- Wednesday at 1:00, Thursday at 1:00; Office Hour- Wednesday at 10:00

    Marshall George (MTH 112)
    Sessions- Monday at 3:00, Wednesday at 3:00; Office Hour- Friday at 10:00

    Rebekah Lardizabal (MTH 112)
    Sessions- Monday at 2:00, Wednesday at 1:45; Office Hour- Wednesday at 8:00

    Sean Davis (ENG 102)
    Sessions- Monday at 2:00, Thursday at 2:00; Office Hour- Thursday at 3:30

    Shantay White (BIO 103)
    Sessions- Monday at 3:15, Wednesday at 3:15; Office Hour- Friday at 8:00

    Tanja Olsen (HIS 101)
    Sessions- Tuesday at 3:00, Wednesday at 12:15; Office Hour- Friday at 8:15

    Vicente Cortez (ENG 101)
    Sessions- Monday at 3:00, Thursday at 3:00; Office Hour- Friday at 10:00

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