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ESCC Paralegal Studies Approved by American Bar Association

ESCC Paralegal Studies Approved by American Bar Association

Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) is pleased to announce that the American Bar Association (ABA) has granted approval to the Paralegal Studies Program offered at ESCC. Paralegal education programs that are approved by the ABA have undergone a lengthy and intensive process required by the American Bar Association which evaluates the quality of the paralegal program and only accepts those that meet specific standards. To obtain approval by the ABA, a program of education must demonstrate that its program is consistent with sound educational content, policies, procedures, substantive and practical legal curriculum; and that it has met the high expectations set out in the official Guidelines of the Paralegal Standing Committee of the American Bar Association.

ESCC is proud that its Paralegal Studies Program has successfully met the high standards set by the American Bar Association. Schools that successfully complete the ABA approval process have shown a definite commitment to their program through research, assessments, completing the application process, planning and undergoing a site team evaluation, and the like. The ABA approval process typically takes a minimum of three years to complete. Under the direction of the Paralegal Program professor, Attorney Lydia Dillingham, ESCC began the application process in the 2013/2014 academic year and received the final stamp of approval from the ABA House of Delegates on February 6, 2017.

There are only six other colleges in the State of Alabama that have received ABA approval, many which are four year institutions; ESCC being only one of two community colleges which have received ABA approval in Alabama. Although having an ABA approved education is not necessary for employment in the legal field, many employers see completion of an ABA approved program as a plus, as do many paralegal professional associations when qualifying candidates for certification.

Individuals interested in enrolling in the Paralegal Studies Program at ESCC should contact Lydia C. Dillingham at or 334-347-3634 Extension 2207.

Enterprise State Community College Hosts Math Tournament

Enterprise State Community College Hosts Math Tournament

The Mathematics Department at Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) hosted a Mathematics Tournament at its Enterprise campus on Friday, February 3, 2017. The tournament welcomed 300 middle and high school students from 16 local schools.

Middle and high school students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Advanced Mathematics. Members from ESCC’s faculty and student organizations assisted in directing students to the correct testing rooms and monitoring the testing areas. Instructors from ESCC’s Science and Mathematics Department graded the tests and presented awards to the tournament winners. The tournament concluded with lunch that was provided by ESCC’S Recruitment Team and an awards ceremony.

Ms. Kristi Peters, a Mathematics Professor at ESCC, was excited to help host the Math Tournament: “As Math instructors, we know the importance of Mathematics. Hosting this local tournament gives our area ‘Math Stars’ a chance to shine.”

CUTLINE: From left to right – front row: Jason Bell (Division I – Algebra I – First place), Marina Ognibert (Division I – Algebra I – Second place), Charles Frey (Division I – Algebra I – Third place); Isabell Stafford (Division II – Algebra I – First place), Noah Dickens (Division II – Algebra I – Second place), Jackson Kelley (Division II – Algebra I – Third place); David Yang (Division I – Geometry – First place), Michael Byrd (Division I – Geometry – Second place), William Raley (Division I – Geometry – Third place);
From left to right – middle row: Timi Sobanjo (Division II – Geometry – First place), Emily Floyd (Division II – Geometry – Second place), Aleigh Lanier (Division II – Geometry – Third place); Jackson Norsworthy (Division I – Algebra II – First place), Tanner Chevrette (Division I – Algebra II – Second place), Bailey Eubanks (Division I – Algebra II – Third place); Josh Sanders (Division II – Algebra II – Third place), Sarah Putnam (Division II – Algebra II – Second place), Hagen Hall (Division II – Algebra II – First place);
From left to right – back row: Nikolas Stefanov (Division I – Advanced Math – Third place), Camp Shelor (Division I – Advanced Math – Second place), Serin Baek (Division I – Advanced Math – First place); Cody Hebert (Division II – Advanced Math – Third place), Preston Williams (Division II – Advanced Math – Second place), Scott Nguyen (Division II – Advanced Math – First place);

12 Dually Enrolled High School Students Earn Industry-Recognized Credentials

12 Dually Enrolled High School Students Earn Industry-Recognized Credentials

Enterprise State Community College is proud to announce that 12 of its students enrolled in a new Computer Information Sciences (CIS) program have earned their first of several prestigious industry-recognized credentials. What makes this so impressive is that the students are dually enrolled high school students, that they earned the credential after taking only one college course, and that 100% of those who took the certification exam passed it on the first attempt. The credential that the students earned is the CompTIA certification in IT Fundamentals, which can be a stepping stone to more advanced certifications such as A+, Network+, and Security+. The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam covers foundational information technology concepts including identifying and explaining computer components, installing software, establishing network connectivity and preventing security risks.

The 12 students who earned the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification are attending the Wiregrass IT Center of Excellence (WITCoE), a regional high school career/technical center launched last fall which is housed on the ESCC campus. WITCoE represents an alliance among local school districts, community colleges, and workforce and economic development to provide for a better qualified workforce in the Wiregrass Area. The Center will prepare students for employment in high wage, high demand jobs immediately after high school graduation. The 12 students who earned the CompTIA certification in IT Fundamentals at the end of last semester are: Josiah Ayala (EHS), Ryan Braden (EHS), Jordan Clark (Geneva HS), Andrew Douglas (Kinston HS), Jackson Dyess (EHS), Bryce Fearing (EHS), Josh Jones (EHS), Tre’von Jones (EHS), Josh Lavoy (EHS), Chris Nolder (EHS), Keval Patel (EHS), and Johnny Wagner (EHS).

Most of the students enrolled in ESCC through WITCoE are pursuing the College’s new short certificate titled “IT Professional”. It consists of eight 3-credit-hour courses (24 total credit hours) that train students in the areas of hardware and software support, networking, IT security, and open-source operating systems (Linux). These courses also help prepare them for corresponding CompTIA certification exams. Students who earn the IT Professional certificate will have completed the technology core of ESCC’s new AAS degree in IT Auditing and Assurance (coming Fall 2017), a two-year degree which, with only a few years of on-the-job experience, can lead to a 6-figure salary.

Both the IT Professional certificate and the IT Audit and Assurance associate degree are open to traditional college students as well as dually enrolled high school students. Graduating seniors and adults who are interested in the program should contact the ESCC Interim Dean of Instruction, Leslie Reeder, at 334-347-2623, ext. 2203 or for more information. High school students who are seeking admission through dual enrollment should contact WITCoE Principal Dr. Brent Hanchey at (334) 347-2640 or

ESCC hosts ASCA small high school and junior varsity regional tournament

ESCC hosts ASCA small high school and junior varsity regional tournament

Enterprise State Community College, along with Professor Kathy Pattie and her Scholars’ Bowl Team, recently hosted the Alabama Scholastic Competition Association’s (ASCA) Small High School and Junior Varsity Regional Tournament on Friday, January 13th.

ASCA is the sponsor of the Alabama Scholastic Challenge for high schools in Alabama, which allows scholars’ bowl teams comprised of students in grades 9-12 to compete for a state championship. Students are quizzed based on their knowledge of facts relative to a variety of subjects, and advance by winning against other teams.

Enterprise State Community College is ASCA’S tournament location for Alabama high schools in the Southern Region. ESCC’s Scholars’ Bowl Team hosted and assisted in running the tournament to raise money for their competition expenses. The tournament welcomed 18 teams from 14 different high schools all over south Alabama as each school vied to be named the Regional Champion. ESCC Scholars’ Bowl Sponsor Kathy Pattie says that she believes hosting the tournament is beneficial to the college as well as the participants: “This is a good recruitment opportunity to show these high school students the friendliness of our faculty here at ESCC and help familiarize them with our college.”

Shannon Lynch, a member of the ESCC Scholars’ Bowl team, stated that she is excited for the high school students to have an opportunity to compete in the Alabama Scholastic Challenge because of the skills they attain through their participation: “Scholars’ Bowl enables students to think quickly on their feet and allows them to gain knowledge about subjects they may be unfamiliar with, such as literature and mythology.” ESCC will welcome more scholars’ bowl competitors to its campus on February 10, 2017 when it hosts the ASCA High School District Tournament.

Alabama Aviation Center and L-3 Army Fleet Support establish a formal alliance

Alabama Aviation Center and L-3 Army Fleet Support establish a formal alliance

Dr. Vicky Ohlson, Interim President of Enterprise State Community College, and Mike Barbee, Vice President/General Manager of L-3 Army Fleet Support signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Enterprise State Community College and L-3 Army Fleet Support.   L-3 Army Fleet Support, (AFS) has provided quality aviation maintenance support to the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence and United States Air Force at Fort Rucker, Alabama for more than a decade. AFS proudly supports its primary customer, the Aviation Center Logistics Command (ACLC) in providing safe and reliable helicopters to train U.S. Army and Air Force aviators in a realistic and challenging training environment.

AFS maintains a highly experienced, trained and dedicated workforce. Whether maintenance on the flight lines, managing supplies at the warehouse, or ensuring quality across the contract, AFS employees are the key to success. They take pride in the work they do to support Fort Rucker, their nation, and local communities.

“We are very proud to collaborate with an outstanding academic institution like ESCC,” Mike Barbee said at the signing. “Much of our work force, principally aircraft mechanics, received their Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) training and certification through ESCC’s Alabama Aviation Center. So in reality AFS and ESCC have been informally linked for quite some time. This MOU we’re signing today both formalizes and improves that collaboration between the two. And we both benefit from this collaboration. For ESCC, they get industry feedback and recommendations on curriculum, as well as increased employment pathways for their graduates.”

“Together, the two organizations have historically worked to train and employ a qualified workforce for the maintenance and repair of the Army’s fleet of aircraft at Fort Rucker.  Today, through the signing of an official memorandum, we strengthen that relationship so that together we can continue to fulfill this critical mission,” said Dr. Vicky Ohlson.  “Only with the help of our industry collaborators, like L-3 AFS, will we be able to accomplish this task.  This is what makes today’s event so important.  In establishing a formal alliance, we jointly commit to help each other meet the aviation maintenance workforce challenges of today and the future.  I am very excited that the leadership of ESCC, the AAC, and L-3 AFS share this common goal and I look forward to seeing how our cooperation shapes the success of Army Aviation at Fort Rucker and changes the lives of the students we serve.”

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