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During its regular meeting on Wednesday, June 8, the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees approved Danny Long as the sixth president of Enterprise State Community College. Long has served as Acting President of the College since March.

“The Wiregrass community is a special part of Alabama that has a significant role in the state’s workforce, which is why a skilled career technical leader like Danny with a heart for the community and for education makes perfect sense,” said Jimmy H. Baker, Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System (ACCS).

“Danny knows the College, the communities it serves, K-12 and industry, and he knows what it takes to continue our mission of making education available for everyone.”

Long has nearly 30 years of K-12 and higher education experience. Prior to his appointment as Acting President at Enterprise State, Long had served as Dean of Instruction at the College since 2017 and as Vice President since 2020. His collaborative efforts with business and industry helped to develop and implement new instructional programs at the College, including Advanced Composites (AAS), Mechatronics (AAS), a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training program, Digital Multimedia (AAS), EMS (AAS), Medical Assisting Technology (AAS), Basic Industrial Electronics (STC), Basic Industrial Mechanics (STC), CNC Operator/Programmer (STC), Licensed Practical Nursing Program (LPN), and Auditing and Assurance (AAS). Long worked alongside the President to oversee major improvement and construction projects on both campuses at both Enterprise State and the Alabama Aviation College.

A Sarasota, Florida, native, Long began his career in education at Vivian B. Adams School in Ozark, where he served as both a special education teacher and assistant director. He then served at Enterprise High School, where he was a teacher, coordinator, career technical education director and assistant principal.

Long is an alum of Troy University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Education, Master’s in Special Education, Master’s in Education Leadership, and an Educational Special Degree in Educational Leadership.

Enterprise State is nestled in the southeastern region of the state with around 2,300 students across its campus in Enterprise and at the Alabama Aviation College in Ozark. The college offers several workforce development opportunities for students pursuing a certification or degree to work in several high-demand, high-wage job opportunities. The college’s robust student services provide many resources – from tutoring to career exploration – for students and residents alike.

“Enterprise State and the Alabama Aviation College are where we are because of the strong investment of faculty, staff, community, K-12 and business and industry partners who give us insight on what they need and trust our willingness to be there when they need us,” Long said.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead several innovative efforts in programs that matter to our region and our state, and I’m appreciative for the confidence our community college system and our community has in Enterprise continuing to rise together.”

ESCC Fine Arts Division spring event to celebrate the arts

ESCC Fine Arts Division spring event to celebrate the arts

On Monday, April 25, the public is invited to join Enterprise State Community College’s Fine Arts Division for its Spring Student Arts Exhibit and Concert, “Celebrating Together Through Art and Music,” which will showcase student artwork and musical/instrumental talents.

“During this time of fear and uncertainties, I felt the need for the community to come together and celebrate our students and their accomplishments,” Dr. Ken Thomas, Fine Arts Division Chair and Choir Director said. “We are all impacted in some way by the arts, so we will celebrate the arts with this event, both visual and performing arts. There will be something for everyone. The best part for me will be when we all join to sing two of my favorite hymn tunes.”

The Student Arts Exhibit will begin at 5:30 p.m. in Forrester Hall. Student artwork covering a variety of art media, including mixed media and photography, will decorate the halls of ESCC’s “Home of the Fine Arts” for visitors to see.

ESCC Art Instructor Leslie Gibson’s Drawing I students are one group whose work will be showcased during the event.

“The students in Drawing I this semester have really been impressive as a group in their willingness to take on the methods, materials, and concepts that are taught,” Gibson said. “The work that has been produced is exciting in its collective excellence. I look forward to sharing their efforts with their respective families and the community.”

The spring concert will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room.  This year, the concert will feature performances by the ESCC Community/Concert Choir, the ESCC Instrumental Ensemble as well as small group performances by students and faculty. The choir’s repertoire of hymns and spirituals will include, “Down to the River to Pray,” “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty,” “Be Thou My Vision,” “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” “Old Time Religion,” “Every Time I Feel the Spirit,” and “Loves Divine, All Loves Excelling.”

“When asked of my students if they noticed a theme in the music selections, they replied, ‘Love,’” Thomas said. “Now, more than ever, we should share the love we have.”





Starting this fall, Enterprise State Community College students will have the opportunity to rent textbooks through the on-campus bookstore.

“College employees have worked diligently to find a more affordable way for students to acquire textbooks for their classes,” ESCC’s Acting President Danny Long said. “Studies show that students are less likely to purchase textbooks when they are priced too high, which impacts student success in the classroom. Our new rental program, known as the ALL-IN Textbook Rental Program, will be more affordable than purchasing textbooks separately as students have done in the past.”

The new ALL-IN Textbook Rental Program will start Fall 2022. When program participants register for fall classes, the textbook fee will be automatically applied to their account.

The ALL-IN Program fee is $25 per credit hour, which allows students to receive a significant savings. This is not an increase in tuition, but it’s just a more affordable way to purchase textbooks.

Presently, textbooks for some classes are priced significantly higher than textbooks for other classes; this new program will level pricing for all textbooks. While the average textbook cost at ESCC is currently $132, the cost of one three credit hour course under the rental program is only $75.  Additionally, students receive a significant savings compared to the national average (47%). The average cost for a full-time college student at a public two-year institution is $1,420 per year as compared to $750 through the rental program.

Another advantage of the ALL-IN Program is that it allows students the opportunity to receive textbooks on or before the first day of class by choosing to either pick up their items in the bookstore or request that they be shipped directly to them.

All classes will be included in the new program, except Aviation Maintenance Technology, Avionics, Mechatronics, and specific academic classes that do not require a book. All required course material will be covered in the ALL-IN fee, except specialty kits.

Students are not required to participate in the program, so there is an option for students to opt-out of this program if they do not feel it will benefit them. However, students are urged to remain in the program for the financial benefit they will receive. If a student chooses to opt-out, this must be done prior to any tuition payments being made or financial aid disbursements being processed to a student’s account.

Questions regarding the program can be directed to Jessica Wendel at jwendel@escc.edu.

M1, ESCC partnership offers dual benefits for education and workforce

M1, ESCC partnership offers dual benefits for education and workforce

A partnership between M1 Support Services L.P. (M1) and Enterprise State Community College offers dual benefits through employment opportunities and unique training experiences.

“At Enterprise State, we strive to connect our students with career opportunities after they complete their degree or training with us,” ESCC’s Director of Workforce Development Leigh Shiver said. “We’re also dedicated to helping address workforce needs with our career and technical programs. M1 is a local leader in the aviation industry who has shown great support to our College and programs over the years, so we are honored to have this partnership with the company that allows us to do both.”

As a leader in the industry, M1 has provided insight into needed curriculum and training changes for aviation maintenance mechanics and avionics technician programs at the Alabama Aviation College, a unit of Enterprise State, through the company’s participation on the College’s Aviation Advisory Committee.

Additionally, M1 has donated training materials to the College for students to use as part of their technical training. In December 2021, M1, in collaboration with Fort Rucker and the Aviation Center Logistics Command, donated a TH-67 helicopter to AAC, which has been used for several classes in both the AMT and avionics programs. More classes are expected to use the training helicopter as part of the class curriculum.

“M1 worked with Fort Rucker’s Aviation Center Logistics Command (ACLC) to provide training aids; no longer in use by the military, but of benefit to training airframe mechanics and avionics technicians at the Alabama Aviation College,” Production Control Supervisor Todd Stephens said. “Recently, ACLC leadership approved M1 to take possession of a ‘cut-away’ TH-67 aircraft trainer. M1 coordinated delivery of the training aid to the Alabama Aviation College. The aircraft trainer benefits future M1 apprentices and demonstrates M1’s commitment to education and employment opportunities for the Wiregrass community.”

ESCC also provides support to M1 through the partnership. The College offers several training opportunities to current M1 employees to allow them to further their current skill set. ESCC offers a Precision Measurement class, a Principles of Troubleshooting class and a Leadership class for M1 employees.

“Through these certification programs, we’re able to help current M1 employees upskill, and we’re thankful to work with M1 to provide these training opportunities to their employees,” Shiver said.

“M1 is proud to have developed an industry/education partnership with ESCC,” Senior Director of Business Operations Brian Mueller said. “M1 conducted a skills needs assessment and with the assistance of the College, developed technical and leadership training relevant to Fort Rucker mission success.”

The two institutions also work together to help recruit future aviation maintenance workers through joint representation at career fairs and other recruitment events to connect with traditional and non-traditional students and share how the Alabama Aviation College’s programs can lead to high-wage, high demand careers locally in just two years.

These recruitment efforts also reach younger students as well. Most recently, M1 and ESCC/AAC representatives joined forces to talk about aviation programs and training during the Southeast AlabamaWorks World of Works events in Andalusia and Dothan held March 1-2 and March 9-10, respectively. During the event, both institutions connected with eighth graders and high school juniors and highlighted the availability of local aviation maintenance jobs. The event showcased the dual enrollment opportunities available to students who wished to begin training while in high school, allowing them to have access to jobs earlier and creating a workforce pipeline for the local aviation industry that starts at the high school level.

“Developing a pipeline of new talent reinforces M1’s workforce capabilities by attracting the best and brightest from the Wiregrass community,” Mueller said. “ESCC partners with M1 to prepare that talent for the many challenging and diverse careers at M1 (Fort Rucker).”

Through the workforce pipeline, M1 has access to highly trained students who are completing their degrees and technical training at AAC. Recently, M1 hired around 18 students in aviation maintenance and avionics technology to join their team.

“M1 is a people business,” M1 Vice President and General Manager Donald Galli said. “Developing Wiregrass talent is critical to satisfy our customer’s (Army Aviation) requirements. Technically proficient employees focused on delivering safe, reliable aircraft is M1’s competitive advantage.”



M1 Support Services and ESCC/AAC participated in the World of Works events in Dothan and Andalusia, working together to talk about the College’s aviation maintenance programs and the career pathways to M1. Pictured, left, is Kimari Jackson from Dothan Preparatory Academy. Pictured right, from back, are AAC AMT Instructor Greg Kent, ESCC Adult Education and Workforce Development Director Leigh Shiver and M1 Support Services Senior Director of Business Operations Brian Mueller.

Rodgers announces retirement, Long to serve as ESCC acting president

Rodgers announces retirement, Long to serve as ESCC acting president

Enterprise State Community College President Matt Rodgers has announced that he will enter retirement on May 1, 2022.

Enterprise State Community College is a place where students can receive quality education and training that sets them up for success in life,” Rodgers said. “I’m proud to have served at this institution that offers these opportunities to our students and our community, and I know this College will continue to serve our community well.

“These past four and a half years, I have been privileged to work with the great faculty, staff and administration at Enterprise State. This is home, and it has been extra special to serve in place where I truly love the people. They gave me a chance to grow professionally, supported me and my family over the years, and have offered their best to our students. You are my family, and I thank you for all you have done and will do.”

Rodgers has over 28 years in education and has served at ESCC and the Alabama Aviation College, a unit of Enterprise State, since 2017 when he was selected the College’s fifth president by the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees.

During his tenure as president, building renovations as well as facility and beautification projects were completed on both campuses, including several projects on the Ozark campus that were funded through a $2.5 million grant announced by Gov. Kay Ivey in 2018. Enrollment increased consistently for both campuses during his tenure, and scholarship funds increased to offer more financial aid opportunities to students. ESCC signed articulation agreements with several four-year institutions to provide more access to transfer opportunities and scholarships to ESCC students planning their next steps after completing their associate degrees, and more career and technical programs were added to the College’s offerings as part of its mission to provide students with more opportunities to further their education or train to enter the workforce.

“If a leader is someone who inspires passion and motivation in followers, then President Rodgers is the epitome of leadership,” ESCC’s Dean of Students Kassie Mathis said. “He is the type of leader that walks beside his employees, picks them up when they fall and gives them the encouragement they need to thrive. The progress the College has made over the last few years is a testament to his vision, purpose, tenacity and his natural ability to push others into greater heights. Although I will miss him greatly, I’m so happy to have had an opportunity to truly see what transformative leadership looks like, and I’m grateful to have found a friend in Matt Rodgers.”

Prior to joining the ESCC team, he served as principal of Enterprise High School. Rodgers started his career as an educator at Zion Chapel High School, where he served as a history teacher and coach for two years. He later moved to Andalusia High School where he served for 4 years as a teacher and coach. In 2001, Mr. Rodgers accepted a teaching and coaching position at Enterprise High School where he remained until 2007. He spent 4 years serving as an assistant principal at EHS.

As Rodgers moves closer to his retirement date, Danny Long is serving as acting president of Enterprise State. He took on the role on Wednesday, March 16.

Long has over 28 years in education. He has served ESCC as its Dean of Instruction since 2017, and he the additional title of vice president in 2020. Prior to joining the ESCC team, Long served as Director of Secondary Instruction for Enterprise City Schools. His career began in 1996 in Ozark where he served as a special education teacher, and since, he has served as a teacher and an assistant principal. He has also held several district level administration positions, including special education coordinator and career technical education director.

“It has been an honor and privilege to work along President Rodgers at Enterprise State Community College and Enterprise City Schools,” Long said. “Having the honor to serve with Matt in different capacities over the years has left a lasting impression on both me professionally and personally. I got to watch him pour his heart and soul into the faculty, staff and, most of all, the students he served over the years.

“President Rodgers always represented the best of public education and served as a mentor and friend to everyone he worked with.  I am excited that he will have this opportunity to pour that same energy and passion into his family in the future.  I will forever be indebted to him for his leadership and friendship.”

The ACCS Board of Trustees will hire a permanent replacement for the president’s position at a later date.



Cutline: Enterprise State Community College President Matthew Rodgers announced that he would be retiring from education on May 1.

New ESCC Homecoming queen crowned

New ESCC Homecoming queen crowned

Enterprise State Community College’s Kiya Buchanan was named the 2022 Homecoming queen on Thursday, Feb. 24, during the men’s basketball game against LBW Community College.

Buchanan is currently a freshman at ESCC, and she plans to transfer to Alabama State University to pursue a degree in education. Her goal is to teach third grade. Buchanan represented the Student Support Services Student Advisory Board during Homecoming festivities.

She was chosen by ESCC students to receive the crown out of 10 finalists who formed the Homecoming court. These finalists were Buchanan, sophomore Mary Beth Smith, representing the ESCC Ambassadors; freshman Alexis Lopez, representing ESCC’s Diamond Dolls; sophomore Madison Holley, representing ESCC’s Student Government Association (SGA); sophomore Eryn Johnson, representing ESCC’s Women’s Basketball Team; sophomore Ruby Garcia, representing ESCC’s SGA; sophomore Victoria Crawford, representing the Baptist Campus Ministries; sophomore Addie Killingsworth, representing ESCC’s Ambassadors; sophomore Paige Wiggins, representing the SSS Student Advisory Council; and freshman Kylie Curry, representing ESCC’s SGA.

The crowning of the Homecoming queen was the culmination of a week of activities that brought participants “Back to the 80s.”

On Monday, faculty and staff took part in the Lip Sync Battle held in the Student Center MPR. The winner of the battle was George Scott and Melissa Turner with their performance of “Whoomp! (There it is).”

On Tuesday, ESCC students showed off their artistic skills during the Sidewalk Decoration event held during break, and on Wednesday, ESCC students took on the College’s faculty during a fun 80s Trivia Challenge held on the Quad. ESCC’s faculty and staff won the challenge.

On Thursday, ESCC faculty, staff and students celebrated their Weevil Pride and showed their support to the men’s and women’s basketball teams who played against LBW Community College that night.


Cutline: ESCC crowned its 2022 Homecoming queen during the men’s basketball game on Friday, Feb. 24. Pictured, from left, are ESCC’s Dean of Instruction Danny Long, 2022 Homecoming Queen Kiya Buchanan and 2020 Homecoming Queen Sierra Crawford.

EOC helps adult learners with education/training goals

EOC helps adult learners with education/training goals

A new TRiO program housed at both Enterprise State Community College and the Alabama Aviation College is here to help adult learners who wish to pursue post-secondary education.

In 2021, the College received federal grant funding to implement the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) program, now led by Director Jennifer Braden, to help adult learners navigate the college admissions process and find their path toward a degree or career training. The program serves 850 participants in Coffee, Dale, Geneva and Houston Counties, and it is free to join.

“The Educational Opportunity Center is here to aid and support adults who need to complete their secondary education and/or who wish to pursue higher education,” Braden said. “While we are housed on ESCC’s campuses, we’re here to help any adult interested in going to any college, whether for a two-year degree or training certificate or a four-year degree. The EOC staff will work to ensure that all participants who want to pursue higher education understand the options available to them and have help in reaching their goals.”

The program will hold two open house events to allow community members and organizations to meet with staff and learn about all the services offered through EOC. The first event will be held Monday, Feb. 28, from 1-3 p.m. in Steagall Building on the AAC campus in Ozark. The second event will be held Tuesday, March 1, from 1-3 p.m. in the Student Center on the Enterprise campus.

“Education can change the trajectory of an individual’s, and their families’, life,” Braden said. “Whether they want to pursue a two- or four-year academic degree or if they want to train for in-demand jobs, we are here to help students move forward in their paths toward successful careers.”

An application must be completed to join the EOC program. The application and program services can be found at escc.edu/trio/educational-opportunity-center. For more information on the program, email trioeoc@escc.edu or call (334) 406-0495.

Cutline: EOC Director Jennifer Braden, left, assists Lora Thomas with her plan for postsecondary education.

New TRiO program helps high school students succeed 

New TRiO program helps high school students succeed 

New TRiO program helps high school students succeed 

A new program available through Enterprise State Community College helps high school students prepare for life after graduation. 

Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a Federal TRiO program that encourages high school students to complete school and take part in some form of postsecondary education or training. ETS was one of two new TRiO programs implemented at the College in 2021 that provide community members with assistance in pursuing higher education or training for business/industry. 

“The ETS program and its advisors have one goal: to see our participants succeed in high school and after graduation,” Director Tiffany Snell said. “This program provides another vital resource available to the students in our community, and we can’t wait to see an increase in the number of participants who not only graduate from high school but also enter the workforce prepared with a technical or academic degree.” 

Snell has worked with the College’s Student Support Services (SSS) program on ESCC’s campus for several years. SSS is another TRiO program that has provided support for over 40 years to students attending the College.  

“I’m honored to take on this new role at ESCC,” she said. I look forward to strengthening our partnerships with the local schools and serving the amazing high school students in our community.”  

ETS serves approximately 500 students in Daleville, Elba, Enterprise, Geneva County, Geneva, New Brockton, Samson and Zion Chapel High Schools. Through the program, students receive academic, financial and career counseling as well as ACT Preparation. Additional services include career exploration and aptitude assessment, tutorial services, assistance in completing college admissions and financial aid applications, and mentoring programs. The program is free for participants.  

“Our mission at Enterprise State is to connect people, from high schoolers to adult learners, with the opportunities to go to college or train for a high-demand career,” ESCC President Matt Rodgers said. “The new Talent Search program allows us to reach more high schoolers in our community and help them prepare for their future. We’re proud to have this service available through our College.”  

Interested students can apply to join the program online at escc.edu/trio. Students can also speak with their school counselor to complete a paper application. For more information on ESCC’s ETS program, email tsnell@escc.edu or call (334) 347-2623 ext. 2233.  


Cutline: ETS aims to help high school students pursue some form of postsecondary education or training. Tiffany Snell serves as the director of the program. For more information on ETS services, email tsnell@escc.edu or call (334) 347-2623 ext. 2233.   




Enterprise State Community College has entered into an agreement with Pilgrim’s, a subsidiary of leading global food company JBS, to train its employees for associate degrees and technical certifications in their respective regions.

ESCC signed the agreement on Wednesday, Feb. 2, to participate in the JBS/Pilgrim’s Better Futures program that offers free college tuition to Pilgrim’s team members and their child dependents. Pilgrim’s offers to pay the remaining tuition balance – often called a last-dollar tuition scholarship – for its workers to train in technical programs that help them succeed. The scholarship is effective after all other aid, including aid granted after completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), is applied.

“It is common for Alabama’s business and industry to look to Alabama’s community colleges to train their workers, and it’s rewarding to reach agreements with companies and universities all over the state that deliver the whole-student approach in advising and student experiences, right alongside workforce development,” said Jimmy H. Baker, Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System. “This agreement is among many that confirm our colleges’ dedication to the communities they serve. We welcome Pilgrim’s workers who choose our colleges and benefit from this agreement.”

Pilgrim’s employees are required to have worked with the company at least six months prior to becoming eligible for the tuition scholarship and to work for the company two years after graduation or completion of certification.

Similar agreements for employee scholarships and professional development were signed with Pilgrim’s at Northwest-Shoals and Snead State Community Colleges. Each of the colleges is within a region where a Pilgrim’s facility is located.

“We are excited to partner with these colleges to offer this incredible benefit to our team members and their children,” said Corey Friend, JBS/Pilgrim’s Better Futures program manager. “This program will provide deserving individuals the opportunity to pursue their dreams for higher education and strengthen Alabama communities for generations to come.”

In addition to JBS/Pilgrim’s offering the last-dollar tuition scholarship, ESCC committed to offering specialized advising, financial literacy, and professional development to Pilgrim’s employees who choose to attend.

“Enterprise State is excited to partner with Pilgrim’s Pride to provide these educational opportunities for its employees and their families,” ESCC President Matt Rodgers said. “We look forward to welcoming and assisting these students in the future at ESCC. I commend Pilgrim’s Pride for its foresight and commitment to our community.”

Cutline: ESCC and Pilgrim’s Pride signed an agreement on Feb. 2 that would provide educational and training opportunities to Pilgrim’s employees. Pictured, from the left, are Alabama Community College System Chancellor Jimmy Baker, ESCC President Matt Rodgers, Pilgrim’s Enterprise Complex Manager David Massey, Better Futures Program Manager Corey Friend, and Pilgrim’s Enterprise HR Manager Mathew Parkinson.

ESCC, SE AlabamaWorks hosting community job fairs

ESCC, SE AlabamaWorks hosting community job fairs

On Thursday, Feb. 10, job seekers will have the opportunity to meet with employers during two Career Fairs hosted by Enterprise State Community College and Southeast AlabamaWorks.

The first Career Fair will be held at ESCC from 9-11 a.m. in the Student Center MPR. Later, from 1-3 p.m. in the Aviation Technical Training Center (ATTC) on the Alabama Aviation College campus in Ozark, employers will be set up to meet with attendees. ESCC/AAC students and members of the community are invited to attend the event.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ESCC and AAC to bring job fairs to Enterprise and Ozark February 10,” Southeast AlabamaWorks Workforce Development Manager Katie Thomas said. “In our current economy, there are far more jobs open than we have people to fill. That means for anyone looking for a job, or thinking about entering the workforce, this is the perfect time to go to work. Employers at the job fairs will have entry-level positions, jobs they can train you to do, mid-level management positions, and a variety of jobs that require technical skills. Any time we can partner with schools like ESCC and AAC to combine our efforts and deliver a joint career fair, it makes better use of the time businesses and job seekers both invest.”

Community members and students interested in attending the career fair are encouraged to have copies of their updated resumes ready to present to employers. Visitors do not need to register to attend, but masks are required while on campus.

“This event is all about building two things: relationships with our community and opportunities for our students to shine,” ESCC’s Director of Student Success Dava Foster said. “Partnering with AlabamaWorks to hold a student and community career fair is a great way to combine our efforts, not only to show employers what our students are made of but to also show our community members that they can have a bright future attending our college as well. Our hope is that citizens will stop by to check out our programs at the Alabama Aviation College and Enterprise State as well as learn about careers available in related fields after graduation, and our students will find jobs in Alabama to strengthen our state.”

There are still spaces available at both fairs for those interested in meeting with potential employees. To register, visit https://bit.ly/escc22jobfair. The last day for employers to register is Feb. 9.


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