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Stump named new Dean of Administrative Services

Stump named new Dean of Administrative Services

Chellye Stump has been named the new Dean of Administrative Services at Enterprise State Community College.

Stump will manage three divisions at ESCC in her new role. As Dean of Administrative Services, she will lead all areas of the college’s business functions, which includes the College’s budget, bookstore services, inventory and financial reporting; information technology, including the hardware, software, networking and communications infrastructure; and college planning, institutional effectiveness, quality enhancement and accreditation through the Institutional Effectiveness Division.

Stump has 30 years of higher education experience, with over 20 years of her career being at ESCC. Since 2013, she has served the College as its System Software and Grants Manager, where she helped the College transition to the Banner system, managed the College’s HEERF and CARES funds, and secured the College grant funding for various projects. Previously, she has served the College as its business manager and its chief accountant.  She has also previously served as the Director of Financial Affairs for University College at Troy University.

President Danny Long said Stump’s experience has been an important factor in the growth of the College.

“Mrs. Stump has been an integral part of the College’s growth and success,” Long said. “Through her efforts, the College has been able to utilize external resources to complete capital improvement projects, expand our program offerings, successfully transition to a new information system, and more. We are proud to have her as part of our Weevil family, and I know she will do great things in her new role as Dean of Administrative Services.”

Stump said she is excited about moving into her new position, which she started on Aug. 1, 2022.

“I am honored to be able to serve in this new position at Enterprise State,” Stump said. “During my time working here at the College, I have seen the great impact this institution has made on our community, whether through meeting the needs of business and industry or through helping our students successfully start their education or career training.

“Our mission at Enterprise State is to prepare our students for their futures and make our community better. I hope to continue that mission as the Dean of Administrative Services.”



Alabama’s need for aviation mechanics and technicians is soaring and a new registered apprenticeship program will begin filling that need with trained and qualified individuals.  The Alabama Office of Apprenticeship has partnered with M1 Support Services and the Alabama Aviation College to develop an apprenticeship program that combines paid work experience and classroom instruction, all while earning a portable, nationally recognized credential.

”We are proud to see M1 Support Services developing a joint apprenticeship program to help meet the critical workforce needs for skilled aviation mechanics and technicians in the Fort Rucker area”, said Josh Laney, Director of the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship.  We are very thankful to the company and the union for helping us set a high standard throughout the program’s development and we look forward to the years of growth and success ahead for everyone involved.”

At the successful completion of the program students will have a nationally recognized credential and a pathway to a high wage and high demand job.  The paid, on-the-job training that they received through the apprenticeship program sets them up for success while providing a pipeline of qualified workers for M1 Support Services.

A signing ceremony was held on July 21 for the apprentices and M1 Support Services on the Alabama Aviation College campus in Ozark.

Dual Enrollment funding coverage expanded at ESCC

Dual Enrollment funding coverage expanded at ESCC

Starting Fall 2022, tuition costs for general academic dual enrollment (DE) classes at Enterprise State Community College will now be covered thanks to changes in funding for the program.

“We’re excited to be able to use our funding to cover more general academic classes for interested dual enrollment students,” Dual Enrollment Director Ann Kelley-Spence said. “Dual Enrollment is a great way for our high school students to save money and get a head start on their college education or career training. We are proud to have a large dual enrollment population here at ESCC, and we hope to see even more students taking dual enrollment classes with us in the future.”

Kelley-Spence said there would still be a strong focus on career technical programs at the College, even with the expanded tuition coverage.

“Here at ESCC, we have well-known career technical programs that help students learn essential job skills,” she said. “We’ve even had dual enrollment students complete their associate degree with us before they graduated high school. In the end, we’re creating fully developed graduates through our dual enrollment program who are ready to work in high-wage, high-demand careers.”

One student who took advantage of ESCC’s career technical dual enrollment programs is Sagittarius Williams, a 2022 ESCC and Charles Henderson High School graduate. In two years, Williams completed her associate degree in Medical Assistant Technology before she completed high school. Her current career goals are to work as a medical assistant while she continues her education to become a nurse and, later, an anesthesiologist.

“I wanted to further my education at no cost to my parents, so I decided to enroll,” she said, stating that watching a family member dealing with an illness inspired her to look at the College’s MAT program. “My program allowed me to check all the boxes that I needed to make my decision of becoming a Medical Assistant Technician/medical professional.”

She encouraged high school students to research dual enrollment, calling dual enrollment “a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of.”

“The Dual Enrollment Program is very rewarding, and the staff members are very supportive,” Williams said. “I am glad that I chose the MAT Program. The MAT Program will help more job opportunities be made available to me, especially once I am certified. The training that I received was very professional. I appreciate and respect all my instructors and staff; I learned so much material over the last two years, which was a win-win.

“The dual enrollment program gave me a jumpstart on my career. It will open doors for me.”

Matthew Muna, another 2022 ESCC graduate and a Dothan High School graduate, also completed his associate degree in airframe technology before his high school graduation. He is planning to pursue a career in aviation maintenance at M1 Support Services.

“As I was entering high school, I was encouraged to learn a trade during my high school years,” he said. “I chose aviation because there is a high demand for employment in that industry.

“I had a wonderful experience as a dual enrollment student. All my teachers and counselors were supportive and helpful. I am blessed that workforce development grants covered all my aviation, English, math, and science dual enrollment courses.”

As part of the expanded coverage starting this fall, students will be able to have the tuition cost of any general education classes at ESCC covered, including classes like psychology, English or history. Previously, dual enrollment students at ESCC were required to be in a career technical program to have the cost of academic classes covered, and those academic classes were limited to core courses, such as English, math or science.

Kelley-Spence noted that funding for general education classes taken outside of career tech programs would only cover the cost of tuition and fees. Books would only be covered if they are taken as part of a career technical program.

ESCC’s Dual Enrollment Program is open to eligible students in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. There are GPA requirements to take part in the program. To learn more or to apply to join the program, visit escc.edu/dual-enrollment.

Renovations coming to ESCC baseball, softball facilities

Renovations coming to ESCC baseball, softball facilities

The baseball and softball fields at Enterprise State Community College are receiving some upgrades for future players and fans to enjoy.

The $1.25 million project, which began in July, will include the installation of new bleachers, press boxes, backstops and netting for both sports. A new, code-compliant concession stand with restrooms will also be constructed in the complex, and irrigation and landscaping will be added to the area. The project is expected to be completed by mid-October.

“I am very excited for our coaches and players to see the new facilities at our baseball/softball fields,” Athletic Director Jeremaine Williams said. “These updates will help recruiting tremendously. This is big for the community to be able to come to a game and enjoy the college athletic atmosphere that ESCC will provide, and it shows the Wiregrass that we are serious about athletics. The future of our athletic department is going in the right direction, and it’s great to see that our administration is behind athletics.”

Head Softball Coach Clair Goodson echoed his statement, saying the upgraded facilities will increase community support and recruiting efforts for the College’s athletic department.

“I am excited about the direction this will continue to take our programs,” Goodson said. “Seeing these upgrades will help recruiting tremendously. The atmosphere around our games will just amplify and bring more and more of our community out to support our players. The College’s commitment to help us enhance our facilities is important to not only the athletes we have on campus now, but also to all future athletes we bring to ESCC. The future is bright, and I can’t wait to see it continue. I’m thankful for the administration’s support.”

The fields will also see the addition of a paved entrance and parking lots as part of the College’s partnership with the City of Enterprise to provide more recreation areas to the community. These additions will be completed at a later date.

The most recent addition to the softball and baseball fields was a hitting facility that was completed in 2021. This facility has lighted lanes for athletes to practice hitting and pitching. It also serves as a space for coaches to hold development camps for these sports.

“I am excited about the updates to the baseball/softball facilities,” Head Baseball Coach Samuel Frichter said. “Any time you have updates, it shows a commitment to the program from the administration, and for that, I am very thankful. With the direction that college athletics has gone with the primary focus on recruiting, this will help us with that process and allow us to bring in high-caliber student athletes. These updates will give our players a sense of pride in the program and continue to help our community rally around both sports.”

Wiregrass EOC to hold Financial Aid Workshops

Wiregrass EOC to hold Financial Aid Workshops

The Wiregrass Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) will hold two financial aid workshops for students who need assistance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The Wiregrass EOC is a federally funded TRiO program aimed to assist students who dropped out of high school or never attended/didn’t complete post-secondary training and wish to return to school. The program serves students in Coffee, Dale, Geneva, and Houston counties and helps with FAFSA completion, the college admissions process, and more. The FAFSA is an application that connects students with federal financial aid to help them pay for school, such as through the Pell Grant.

The first EOC financial aid workshop will be held July 12 in the Enterprise State Community College Student Center Community Room from 1-3 p.m. The second will be held July 14 in the computer lab in the ATTC Building at the Alabama Aviation College from 1-3p.m.

Wiregrass EOC Director Jennifer Braden said the event is for first-time college students who haven’t completed their FAFSA or those students who plan to return to college who need assistance filling out the application. She said EOC will assist students who complete the application for any college.

“Completing the FAFSA can be a very daunting task,” EOC Director Jennifer Braden said. “One of the main purposes of our grant is to assist students in the completion of the FAFSA as well as helping them research other sources of money to assist them in the pursuit of their educational dreams.”

Students planning to attend college this fall will need to complete the 2022-23 FAFSA. Students are encouraged to bring a copy of their 2020 income tax forms to help with the completion of the application.

If a student is under the age of 24, he or she may be considered a dependent student for Financial Aid purposes, unless he or she is or was in the military, has a spouse, has dependents for whom they provide more than 50% of their support, or was in foster care while over the age of 13.

If a student is considered dependent, he or she will need to provide their parents’ 2020 tax information to complete the FAFSA, and one parent will have to sign the FAFSA with the student.

“EOC personnel have helped many students complete the FAFSA,” Braden said. “We don’t ever want the completion of a FAFSA to be something that deters a student from attending school.”

Students are not required but are encouraged to RSVP to this event by completing the form at https://bit.ly/3ABVtwD or by scanning the QR code on the flyer. For more information about the event or about the Wiregrass EOC, students can call (334) 406-0495 or visit escc.edu/eoc.

Women Who Care, EOC to host “Why Won’t You Hire Me?” job fair

On Thursday, June 23, job seekers will have the opportunity to meet with employers during the “Why Won’t You Hire Me?” Job Fair co-hosted by the Educational Opportunity Center and Women Who Care.

Women Who Care Director Harolyn Benjamin said more companies have been reaching out to the organization in recent months to find potential employees, so she decided to host an event to connect employers with job seekers.

“I created ‘Why Won’t You Hire Me?’ 24 years ago this year after meeting with employees and employers and asking them what they were looking for when seeking employment or employees,” Benjamin said. “The answer was clear, and to be honest, it has not changed a lot. Employers want to hire people who want to work, be committed, and help increase revenue. Potential employees want to be appreciated, respected, and paid a decent wage. Both want less stress and more communication.

“This is our first time making ‘Why Won’t You Hire Me?’ a job-fair instead of what it was created as: workshops that provided speakers that spoke on a variety of topics. Amanda [Petty, EOC Educational Advisor] and I felt having a smaller group of employers would work better,” she said.

The event will be held from 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Student Center MPR at Enterprise State Community College. During the event, businesses will be set up to meet with job seekers, who could potentially interview with the company there during the event. Business coaches will also be available to provide feedback to participants, helping them identify their skills and strengths while coaching them on the interview process.

“The economy and the pandemic have changed the recruiting process,” Benjamin said. “There is a greater demand for labor and, in some cases, less conversation about what the other should expect. Having business coaches allows the employers to share insight with individuals seeking employment. Having an opportunity to speak with a potential employer may help the participants ask one-on-one questions and get positive and informed feedback. That might help them secure employment, stay employed, and ultimately create a better work environment and life.”

“As the participants walk around the room, there will be signs that say, for example, this particular company may be hiring, but at another table, a company might be hiring and they are also participating as a business coach,” she said. “The goal of the business coach is to look at that resume and give critical feedback, notice things that the participant might be doing that if mentioned could make a difference in getting that great opportunity.”

Benjamin said Women Who Care is also planning to bring clothing from the organization’s April’s Boutique, for participants who may need an interview outfit.

“My hope… no, my prayer is that someone will be given a chance at a future interview, and they can get their new, free outfit or just a feel-good outfit to step into their new life.”

Job seekers interested in attending the job fair are encouraged to have copies of their updated resume ready to present to employers. The event is free to attend, and no registration is required.

“The Wiregrass Educational Opportunity Center is dedicated to helping individuals improve their quality of life,” EOC Director Jennifer Braden said. “This can be achieved through education and/or through better employment opportunities. Our goal is to help connect our local job seekers with job opportunities or to help them better understand the job seeking experience for future success. We are proud to co-host this job fair with Women Who Care to help our community members and help our local business find reliable employees to hire.”




During its regular meeting on Wednesday, June 8, the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees approved Danny Long as the sixth president of Enterprise State Community College. Long has served as Acting President of the College since March.

“The Wiregrass community is a special part of Alabama that has a significant role in the state’s workforce, which is why a skilled career technical leader like Danny with a heart for the community and for education makes perfect sense,” said Jimmy H. Baker, Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System (ACCS).

“Danny knows the College, the communities it serves, K-12 and industry, and he knows what it takes to continue our mission of making education available for everyone.”

Long has nearly 30 years of K-12 and higher education experience. Prior to his appointment as Acting President at Enterprise State, Long had served as Dean of Instruction at the College since 2017 and as Vice President since 2020. His collaborative efforts with business and industry helped to develop and implement new instructional programs at the College, including Advanced Composites (AAS), Mechatronics (AAS), a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training program, Digital Multimedia (AAS), EMS (AAS), Medical Assisting Technology (AAS), Basic Industrial Electronics (STC), Basic Industrial Mechanics (STC), CNC Operator/Programmer (STC), Licensed Practical Nursing Program (LPN), and Auditing and Assurance (AAS). Long worked alongside the President to oversee major improvement and construction projects on both campuses at both Enterprise State and the Alabama Aviation College.

A Sarasota, Florida, native, Long began his career in education at Vivian B. Adams School in Ozark, where he served as both a special education teacher and assistant director. He then served at Enterprise High School, where he was a teacher, coordinator, career technical education director and assistant principal.

Long is an alum of Troy University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Education, Master’s in Special Education, Master’s in Education Leadership, and an Educational Special Degree in Educational Leadership.

Enterprise State is nestled in the southeastern region of the state with around 2,300 students across its campus in Enterprise and at the Alabama Aviation College in Ozark. The college offers several workforce development opportunities for students pursuing a certification or degree to work in several high-demand, high-wage job opportunities. The college’s robust student services provide many resources – from tutoring to career exploration – for students and residents alike.

“Enterprise State and the Alabama Aviation College are where we are because of the strong investment of faculty, staff, community, K-12 and business and industry partners who give us insight on what they need and trust our willingness to be there when they need us,” Long said.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead several innovative efforts in programs that matter to our region and our state, and I’m appreciative for the confidence our community college system and our community has in Enterprise continuing to rise together.”

ESCC Fine Arts Division spring event to celebrate the arts

ESCC Fine Arts Division spring event to celebrate the arts

On Monday, April 25, the public is invited to join Enterprise State Community College’s Fine Arts Division for its Spring Student Arts Exhibit and Concert, “Celebrating Together Through Art and Music,” which will showcase student artwork and musical/instrumental talents.

“During this time of fear and uncertainties, I felt the need for the community to come together and celebrate our students and their accomplishments,” Dr. Ken Thomas, Fine Arts Division Chair and Choir Director said. “We are all impacted in some way by the arts, so we will celebrate the arts with this event, both visual and performing arts. There will be something for everyone. The best part for me will be when we all join to sing two of my favorite hymn tunes.”

The Student Arts Exhibit will begin at 5:30 p.m. in Forrester Hall. Student artwork covering a variety of art media, including mixed media and photography, will decorate the halls of ESCC’s “Home of the Fine Arts” for visitors to see.

ESCC Art Instructor Leslie Gibson’s Drawing I students are one group whose work will be showcased during the event.

“The students in Drawing I this semester have really been impressive as a group in their willingness to take on the methods, materials, and concepts that are taught,” Gibson said. “The work that has been produced is exciting in its collective excellence. I look forward to sharing their efforts with their respective families and the community.”

The spring concert will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room.  This year, the concert will feature performances by the ESCC Community/Concert Choir, the ESCC Instrumental Ensemble as well as small group performances by students and faculty. The choir’s repertoire of hymns and spirituals will include, “Down to the River to Pray,” “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty,” “Be Thou My Vision,” “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” “Old Time Religion,” “Every Time I Feel the Spirit,” and “Loves Divine, All Loves Excelling.”

“When asked of my students if they noticed a theme in the music selections, they replied, ‘Love,’” Thomas said. “Now, more than ever, we should share the love we have.”





Starting this fall, Enterprise State Community College students will have the opportunity to rent textbooks through the on-campus bookstore.

“College employees have worked diligently to find a more affordable way for students to acquire textbooks for their classes,” ESCC’s Acting President Danny Long said. “Studies show that students are less likely to purchase textbooks when they are priced too high, which impacts student success in the classroom. Our new rental program, known as the ALL-IN Textbook Rental Program, will be more affordable than purchasing textbooks separately as students have done in the past.”

The new ALL-IN Textbook Rental Program will start Fall 2022. When program participants register for fall classes, the textbook fee will be automatically applied to their account.

The ALL-IN Program fee is $25 per credit hour, which allows students to receive a significant savings. This is not an increase in tuition, but it’s just a more affordable way to purchase textbooks.

Presently, textbooks for some classes are priced significantly higher than textbooks for other classes; this new program will level pricing for all textbooks. While the average textbook cost at ESCC is currently $132, the cost of one three credit hour course under the rental program is only $75.  Additionally, students receive a significant savings compared to the national average (47%). The average cost for a full-time college student at a public two-year institution is $1,420 per year as compared to $750 through the rental program.

Another advantage of the ALL-IN Program is that it allows students the opportunity to receive textbooks on or before the first day of class by choosing to either pick up their items in the bookstore or request that they be shipped directly to them.

All classes will be included in the new program, except Aviation Maintenance Technology, Avionics, Mechatronics, and specific academic classes that do not require a book. All required course material will be covered in the ALL-IN fee, except specialty kits.

Students are not required to participate in the program, so there is an option for students to opt-out of this program if they do not feel it will benefit them. However, students are urged to remain in the program for the financial benefit they will receive. If a student chooses to opt-out, this must be done prior to any tuition payments being made or financial aid disbursements being processed to a student’s account.

Questions regarding the program can be directed to Jessica Wendel at jwendel@escc.edu.

M1, ESCC partnership offers dual benefits for education and workforce

M1, ESCC partnership offers dual benefits for education and workforce

A partnership between M1 Support Services L.P. (M1) and Enterprise State Community College offers dual benefits through employment opportunities and unique training experiences.

“At Enterprise State, we strive to connect our students with career opportunities after they complete their degree or training with us,” ESCC’s Director of Workforce Development Leigh Shiver said. “We’re also dedicated to helping address workforce needs with our career and technical programs. M1 is a local leader in the aviation industry who has shown great support to our College and programs over the years, so we are honored to have this partnership with the company that allows us to do both.”

As a leader in the industry, M1 has provided insight into needed curriculum and training changes for aviation maintenance mechanics and avionics technician programs at the Alabama Aviation College, a unit of Enterprise State, through the company’s participation on the College’s Aviation Advisory Committee.

Additionally, M1 has donated training materials to the College for students to use as part of their technical training. In December 2021, M1, in collaboration with Fort Rucker and the Aviation Center Logistics Command, donated a TH-67 helicopter to AAC, which has been used for several classes in both the AMT and avionics programs. More classes are expected to use the training helicopter as part of the class curriculum.

“M1 worked with Fort Rucker’s Aviation Center Logistics Command (ACLC) to provide training aids; no longer in use by the military, but of benefit to training airframe mechanics and avionics technicians at the Alabama Aviation College,” Production Control Supervisor Todd Stephens said. “Recently, ACLC leadership approved M1 to take possession of a ‘cut-away’ TH-67 aircraft trainer. M1 coordinated delivery of the training aid to the Alabama Aviation College. The aircraft trainer benefits future M1 apprentices and demonstrates M1’s commitment to education and employment opportunities for the Wiregrass community.”

ESCC also provides support to M1 through the partnership. The College offers several training opportunities to current M1 employees to allow them to further their current skill set. ESCC offers a Precision Measurement class, a Principles of Troubleshooting class and a Leadership class for M1 employees.

“Through these certification programs, we’re able to help current M1 employees upskill, and we’re thankful to work with M1 to provide these training opportunities to their employees,” Shiver said.

“M1 is proud to have developed an industry/education partnership with ESCC,” Senior Director of Business Operations Brian Mueller said. “M1 conducted a skills needs assessment and with the assistance of the College, developed technical and leadership training relevant to Fort Rucker mission success.”

The two institutions also work together to help recruit future aviation maintenance workers through joint representation at career fairs and other recruitment events to connect with traditional and non-traditional students and share how the Alabama Aviation College’s programs can lead to high-wage, high demand careers locally in just two years.

These recruitment efforts also reach younger students as well. Most recently, M1 and ESCC/AAC representatives joined forces to talk about aviation programs and training during the Southeast AlabamaWorks World of Works events in Andalusia and Dothan held March 1-2 and March 9-10, respectively. During the event, both institutions connected with eighth graders and high school juniors and highlighted the availability of local aviation maintenance jobs. The event showcased the dual enrollment opportunities available to students who wished to begin training while in high school, allowing them to have access to jobs earlier and creating a workforce pipeline for the local aviation industry that starts at the high school level.

“Developing a pipeline of new talent reinforces M1’s workforce capabilities by attracting the best and brightest from the Wiregrass community,” Mueller said. “ESCC partners with M1 to prepare that talent for the many challenging and diverse careers at M1 (Fort Rucker).”

Through the workforce pipeline, M1 has access to highly trained students who are completing their degrees and technical training at AAC. Recently, M1 hired around 18 students in aviation maintenance and avionics technology to join their team.

“M1 is a people business,” M1 Vice President and General Manager Donald Galli said. “Developing Wiregrass talent is critical to satisfy our customer’s (Army Aviation) requirements. Technically proficient employees focused on delivering safe, reliable aircraft is M1’s competitive advantage.”



M1 Support Services and ESCC/AAC participated in the World of Works events in Dothan and Andalusia, working together to talk about the College’s aviation maintenance programs and the career pathways to M1. Pictured, left, is Kimari Jackson from Dothan Preparatory Academy. Pictured right, from back, are AAC AMT Instructor Greg Kent, ESCC Adult Education and Workforce Development Director Leigh Shiver and M1 Support Services Senior Director of Business Operations Brian Mueller.

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